How Do You Like Them Apples?

The nights are fair drawing in, Bake Off is on our screens and the jumpers are on. Although it seemed as though summer ended when hurricane Bertha came barging her way through it, apparently it’s now officially autumn, announced by the equinox on 23 September.

The changing season, although the beginning of an extended period of cold the likes of which we have forgotten could exist, does bring some beauty. Not only the beauty of black suede boots and faux fur wintry accessories, but also the beauty of nature. Even if we aren’t quite at the mists stage yet- long may this unseasonal sunshine continue- Keats was right about the mellow fruitfulness. The trees in the garden are bent heavy with fruit and the recent glut of cooking and eating apples means I have made more apple based desserts than I can count in the past few weeks.

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The First Post

Well, this is my first post on my new blog. Inconsequential to you, but quietly momentous for me. I’ve finally decided to transfer the things I would usually write for other people’s websites, or scrawl for myself in notebooks, onto a new platform of my own.

Why have I decided to add my jumbled, inconsequential thoughts to the already oversaturated blog market, one might ask? It is, simply, a place where I can write in my own voice, about the things I want to. Here there will be no SEO to worry about, no need to adopt an irritating ‘lifestyle’ tone punctuated solely with exclamation marks. Importantly, there will be no underlying sense that my writing is helping to grow someone else’s business.

After weeks spent dithering over a blog title which would capture the essence of everything I felt I had to say in one pithy, memorable phrase, I bit the bullet and went with something very simple. Virginia Woolf, in A Writer’s Diary, wrote that keeping a journal meant that she had to ‘lay hands on words, choose them and shoot them with no more pause than is needed to put my pen in the ink.’ That’s all I’m doing here in this online journal, practising writing, and putting my pen in the ink.

This blog is a place all of my own, where I can write about the issues which concern me, comment upon current affairs and culture, and even include a bit of lifestyle tat now and then. I really hope you enjoy reading it.