What I’ve Been Listening to This Month

I’m one of those types who lives their life to music. I listen to it in the morning to wake me up, I have it on quietly in the background while I work, I put the radio on in the kitchen while I’m cooking and occasionally I have a little sing-along while I do the washing up. What a wild life I lead.

When Spotify announced, many, many, moons ago that it was going to start charging, I was torn. All of those carefully curated playlists, the time spent browsing the ‘recommended for you’ section, could I bear to let it all go to waste? A wise friend told me that the company had done it on purpose, reeled me in and hooked me with a free service before starting to charge for it out of the blue. It was a clever ruse and continuing to use it would mean I’d been swindled. Now, Spotify Premium is one of my monthly direct debits, as essential a payment as my phone bill.

Long story short, I like listening to a bit of music, and I like hearing about what others have been listening to. This gave rise to the idea of a ‘my monthly playlist’ post. Here, I’ll include artists I’ve found recently, a classic tune I’ve rediscovered, an album I’ve had on repeat, my guilty pleasure and any other category that seems appropriate that month. Any links will take you to the songs on YouTube to save you Googlin’.

The New Find: Easy Yoke by Favela

I first came across this via the ‘Majestic Causal’ channel on YouTube, which promotes quite a lot of stuff I’m not too fussed about and the occasional song I can’t stop listening to. I recently found it on Spotify and have been listening to it on repeat ever since. I also enjoy the Favela remix of ‘Holding On’ by Fyfe. I’m not sure whether it’s categorised as deep house, chillout or any other incredibly specific but random term music fans are obsessive about enforcing, but it’s a hypnotic track.

The Classic: Tiger Feet by Mud

Although there is plenty of evidence to suggest that I’m an 80 year old in a young person’s body, I’m not, yet, a regular viewer of Strictly Come Dancing. I did catch a brief portion of the programme the other weekend though, and someone was doing the quickstep to ‘Tiger Feet’. I immediately unearthed it from the depths of my music library so that I could revel in its glorious glam rock, ‘70’s vibe once again. I like to grab the cat’s front paws and make her dance along to the chorus. She doesn’t like it so much.

Guilty Pleasure: Shake It Off by Taylor Swift

I don’t know what it is about T-Swizzle but I can’t stop singing along to her songs. ‘22’ was another guilty pleasure, which is particularly tragic given that singing along reminded me I wasn’t twenty-two, I was older. Even though the spoken word bit in the middle of ‘Shake It Off’ makes me cringe so hard I want to gnaw my own ears off, it’s just so damn catchy.

The Album: Tough Love by Jessie Ware

I’ve had this on in the background while I write for the past couple of weeks and have grown more and more fond of it. Her voice is by turns strong and vulnerable and is beautifully simple and unfussy. No Beyoncé-style try-hard trills here. She is captivating in the video for ‘Say You Love Me’ and both looks and sounds like a grown woman rather than a popstrel trying to fit the mould. Refreshing. Standout tracks: ‘You & I (Forever)’ and ‘Cruel’.

Most Excited For: S CLUB 7 REUNION!!!!

Beloved of those of us who were tweens in the noughties and played ironically in discothèques across the land, S Club 7 are back! They are reuniting for one night only to perform a medley of their greatest hits for Children In Need on 14 November. Their comeback could be either brilliant or spectacularly awful. Either way, it’s for a great cause and I can’t wait.

What have you been listening to this month? I’d love to hear your recommendations!

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