Checks Appeal: Autumn Trends

Sometimes I get a real hankering for an item of clothing ever so slightly before it hits peak trendiness. This is not because my true calling is to be a trend forecaster. This is because the pages of fashion magazines and the tiny squares on Instagram have somehow lodged themselves in my tiny, suggestible brain. Much like Andi in the Devil Wears Prada, I end up wearing a blue jumper without necessarily realising why I was drawn to the blue jumper in the first place.

And so it is that this year I’m craving checks. Checks, a belted coat (this is undoubtedly solely because of Megan Markle. The woman gives good coat) and some lace-up boots. When I say checks, I’m not talking the Prince of Wales check of last year. I’m talking dark greens, reds and navys. Look, it’s basically tartan but in the least kilt-y, most classy way possible.

These are the Chloe lace-up boots of my dreams, by the way.

Chloe Harper boots. Be still my beating heart.

If you see any Wolves-of-Willoughby-Chase-style boots (maybe with a faux fur lining and a low block heel) do let me know. M&S are almost there but not quite, and LK Bennett is closer but no cigar with their Melissa and Maxine boots.

Left to right: Marks and Spencer velvet Block Heel Side Zip Lace-up Ankle Boots (British winter does not mix well with velvet footwear), LK Bennett Melissa boots and LK Bennett Maxine boots.

ANYWAY. On to checks.

First, there’s this beauty from Mango. The downsides are that it looks quite thin and is only 18% wool, so it might not be worth the £119.99 price tag until it hits the sales. But these are the precise colours I’m thinking of when I say, ‘classy tartan’.

Then there’s this similar version from Bershka, which also comes in red.

Bershka straight cut wool coat in navy and red, £49.99

Bershka is crammed with a load more check and tartan items like this one (which is, admittedly, a bit kilt-y).

While we’re on skirts, I bought this ruffled midi from Mango Outlet last month when I went through a short-lived ‘excited for autumn’ phase.

The check size on this Zara top is spot on and the colours are nice and subtle. As you can see, I’m a sucker for the navy/forest green combo. I love the little puff sleeves, too.

I can’t quite get on board with the people who love that ‘back to school’ feeling the beginning of September brings. I’ll be mourning the death of summer for a short while before I can get stuck into all of the autumnal consolation prizes.

These include but are not limited to: BBC dramas, apple crumble, red wine, claret-coloured manicures, sitting hearth-side in country pubs and wearing more checked and tartan items than you can shake a stick at. My pair of full-on tartan pyjamas from Oysho, which make me feel like a souvenir Scottish bear, are an excellent place to start. Happy hibernating, all.

Oysho pjs: 2016. Sassy bear: visual representation of ‘peak tartan’.

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