Checks Appeal: Autumn Trends

Sometimes I get a real hankering for an item of clothing ever so slightly before it hits peak trendiness. This is not because my true calling is to be a trend forecaster. This is because the pages of fashion magazines and the tiny squares on Instagram have somehow lodged themselves in my tiny, suggestible brain. Much like Andi in the Devil Wears Prada, I end up wearing a blue jumper without necessarily realising why I was drawn to the blue jumper in the first place.

And so it is that this year I’m craving checks. Checks, a belted coat (this is undoubtedly solely because of Megan Markle. The woman gives good coat) and some lace-up boots. When I say checks, I’m not talking the Prince of Wales check of last year. I’m talking dark greens, reds and navys. Look, it’s basically tartan but in the least kilt-y, most classy way possible.

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Summer Dresses: The Best of the High Street

I never look, or feel, quite right in a dress. Some people (people who tend to have the lithe limbs of Gisele or who are French) can float about in them with nonchalance. I have to think carefully about cut, length and style before I even consider one. Even then, I feel like I’m dressing up in a costume. I’m a jeans girl. Dresses do not come naturally.

Sometimes, however, the occasion calls for it or it’s simply too hot to wear anything else. In theory, a dress should be the easiest thing in the world to chuck on and go. In reality, though, looking effortless takes a bit of effort. Or at least a bit of thought about what does and doesn’t suit you.

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Dressing Up This Christmas: The Best Outfits on the High Street

Well, well, well. Here we are. December the first has been and gone and I popped an advent calendar chocolate for breakfast this morning. It’s well and truly Chriiiiistmaaaas.

This means that you’ve probably been invited to a Christmas party or twain. And that means you have a legitimate excuse to go shopping because you have absolutely nothing to wear and you hate all of your clothes. Woohoo!

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Links to Other Writing

Into The Fold

I spoke to the hosts of five of the best podcasts by women, for women and wrote about it for ITF here. Featuring all of my personal faves: The High Low, The Guilty Feminist, Nobody Panic, The Fringe of It and Hashtag Authentic. My infatuation with DFW and Dolly & Pandora continues.

I also wrote a personal piece entitled ‘The Benefits of Getting into Gardening in your 20’s‘ about being a young(ish) gardener, with a slant on the mental health benefits.

Radio Times Online

I wrote for the soaps section of the Radio Times Online from August 2016 to March 2017, covering breaking soap news and writing up spoiler articles from embargoed story line documents. You can read my back catalogue here.

Betty Magazine

My interview with Anna Potter, the florist and founder of Swallows & Damsons, was a cover story for the summer 2016 print issue of Betty Magazine (pages 16-17).


Betty describes itself as ‘a magazine that is dedicated to sharing with you only the things that we like’ and the editors say their vision was to ‘create a more intelligent choice for girls’.

Now Then Magazine

A magazine which describes itself as a free arts, culture and politics magazine. You can read my review of I, Daniel Blake (October 2016) for the filmreel section here. I interviewed theatre director Phillip Breen about his adaptation of Lady Chatterley’s Lover for a feature in both the print and online Theatres Section, (September 2016) here. I’ve also written theatre, ballet and restaurant reviews.

Talking Soup Magazine

A surreal recounting of that time I was harassed by a Tudor pedlar. Read on and laugh at my misfortune, whilst also having a think about women’s equality. Oh yeah. Published in Talking Soup, a magazine I love perusing and which calls itself ‘a publication that puts the spotlight back on traditional long form storytelling’.

Love From… Magazine

This print and online lifestyle magazine is published quarterly. I wrote a piece entitled ‘The Changing Face of Photojournalism‘ for the current affairs section in Issue 3. I also wrote an exploration of the surge in popularity of the vegan lifestyle, published in Issue 4 and available to read as a PDF here: Education or Judgement? How Vegans are Spreading the Message.

Wonder Magazine

I’m a regular contributor to Wonder Magazine, an online lifestyle magazine which publishes one article per day based on a monthly theme. I’ve written opinion pieces and features on dementia, travel, the cult of ‘neo-positivity’ and nostalgia, alongside film and recipe articles, all linked below.

In Search of my Inner Yogi

Have an Indulgent Heartbreak (for the ‘Heartbreak’ issue)

On Finding Lost Treasures (for the ‘Lost and Found’ issue)

Horror Films for Scaredy Cats (for the ‘Fear’ issue)

Moving Away (for the ‘Far, Far Away’ issue)

How Much Positivity Is Too Much Positivity? (for the ‘Positivity’ issue)

Escaping on Holiday: A Necessary Luxury (for the ‘Escape’ issue)

Memory as Identity: What Happens When It Fades Away? (for the ‘Memories’ issue)

Films for a Rainy Sunday (for the ‘Home’ issue)

Ambition Shouldn’t be a Dirty Word (for the ‘Ambition’ issue)


This online community has made it their mission to ‘change the dialogue of what it’s like to be a woman — and in doing so, make our world a better place’. I wrote a piece about friendship for their ‘Comfort’ issue.

Cellardoor Magazine

I’ve contributed a ‘Lemon and Din Drizzle Cake‘ recipe post, a ‘Cocktail Hour‘ post and a ‘Colouring in the Lines‘ post about the trend for adult colouring books to their online magazine, which describes itself as being ‘for the young and stylish, mixing fashion, music, film & art’.

Some of Kate’s Writing

All of the articles on this portfolio website were originally published in the lifestyle magazine ‘Zarwil‘ which was founded January 2012. In March of 2015 I noticed it had disappeared off the face of the earth, taking all of my writing with it. I have made a new home for most of the articles I originally wrote for Zarwil on this new site. Here you’ll find cultural reviews, travel pieces, lifestyle articles and much more. Some examples:

A review of ‘Life and Death in Pompeii and Herculaneum’ at the British Museum

Alpha Papa: A Film Review

– Noel Edmonds Wants To Buy The BBC. Yes, You Did Read That Correctly

‘The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn’ Review

My review of Stewart Lee’s ‘Much A-Stew About Nothing’ from the ‘Reviews and Press’ section of his website (originally for Zarwil).

The Hussington Post

I wrote an article entitled ‘Am I A Bad Feminist?’ for feminist blog The Hussington Post.

Toast Magazine

I wrote a teeny, tiny music review for this monthly music and listings magazine.

Chic Lifestyle Student Magazine

A magazine aimed at students. Read my rant in their Opinionated section.

The First Post

Well, this is my first post on my new blog. Inconsequential to you, but quietly momentous for me. I’ve finally decided to transfer the things I would usually write for other people’s websites, or scrawl for myself in notebooks, onto a new platform of my own.

Why have I decided to add my jumbled, inconsequential thoughts to the already oversaturated blog market, one might ask? It is, simply, a place where I can write in my own voice, about the things I want to. Here there will be no SEO to worry about, no need to adopt an irritating ‘lifestyle’ tone punctuated solely with exclamation marks. Importantly, there will be no underlying sense that my writing is helping to grow someone else’s business.

After weeks spent dithering over a blog title which would capture the essence of everything I felt I had to say in one pithy, memorable phrase, I bit the bullet and went with something very simple. Virginia Woolf, in A Writer’s Diary, wrote that keeping a journal meant that she had to ‘lay hands on words, choose them and shoot them with no more pause than is needed to put my pen in the ink.’ That’s all I’m doing here in this online journal, practising writing, and putting my pen in the ink.

This blog is a place all of my own, where I can write about the issues which concern me, comment upon current affairs and culture, and even include a bit of lifestyle tat now and then. I really hope you enjoy reading it.